Conscious Compassion - A pipe dream?
What if we all decided to let go of animosity, judgement, resentment, frustration & anger at others?

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About Debbie Gillespie

I'm passionate about creating a world of sustainable happiness, peace, and balance through 1:1 soul mentoring consultations, and group work including workshops, and women's retreats.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, a parent, a business owner, single, in a partnership, or walking a spiritual path, there’ll be times when life knocks you off balance. I’m here to help you find your feet again. As a modern day shaman I'll build up your internal resources and empower you with the strength and resilience to face whatever life challenges come your way. 

Humans are an amazing dynamic combination of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes, dreams, energy, experiences, and physicality.

Through my 1:1 sessions and group programmes, I’ll help you step out of your head and back into your heart, so you can hear your inner voice of wisdom and trust yourself again.  You’ll learn to embrace your soul’s path, working with your natural strengths to find solutions where once you only saw obstacles, and bring peace and harmony to you, your relationships and your life.

I have over 20 years’ experience and learning in a range of healing modalities, from massage to reiki, Ayurveda and shamanic healing. My work draws on numerology, astrology, chakra healing, sacred First Light® Flower Essences NZ, oracle cards and essential life lessons, to help you ground yourself in your truth and express your soul’s joy.

But don’t worry there’s nothing ‘airy fairy’ about my work. I turn these esoteric principles into practical, everyday action steps so you can move forward with courage and grace.

And being a strong believer in self-responsibility you can expect to leave feeling stronger, uplifted, and armed with practical self-empowering recommendations. 

If you’re ready to drop the struggle and meet life’s challenges from a place of power, clarity and ease, I invite you to book your 1:1 consult with me now




Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic Studies: Rite of the Six Moons 2011, Certificate in Healers Studies 2012, Certificate in Shamanic Studies 2013/4, Advanced Shamanic Studies and currently studying Rite of the 12 Celestial Regents - an advanced magical programme working with the 12 celestial bodies of the universe to change the fabric of the universe
First Light Flower Essences 2002/3
Diploma Aquarian Healing 2005
Cert. Therapeutic Massage; Auckland College of Massage 1993/94
Reiki Tummo Levels I, II, Kundalini
Client Educator, Maharishi Ayurvedic Clinic 1995/6
Completed Brandon Bays Journey Intensive Weekend

Here's an example of what you may experience in your 1:1 consult

Seeker. Teacher. Healer. Spiritual Alchemist. Passionate about helping us connect back to our hearts at an individual and collective level. Committed to a path of growth, knowing that change comes from within first.

Good karma

"Deb has a huge knowledge base, is very intuitive, highly informative plus she will assist you to put new things into action"
"I find the guidance & insight is always on point and leave feeling nourished, understood & intuitive. I would highly recommend anyone seeking any guidance on any area of their lives to see Debbie. Emily"
"I have grown in every direction. Debbie is an amazing facilitator. Thank you is not enough. Julie"