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Personal Development

About Brett Crockett

As an EnSoul team member, I actively explore all aspects of being human. In support of personal growth I have actioned many pathways of discovery, from egoic analysis and working through Life coaching techniques, to yoga and meditation. My business now brings all my life's work to bear to helping all beings live in harmony with themselves and the universe. Reach out through EnSoul and join me in exploring your true potential and alignment with what matters – true happiness free of the stories, with deep knowledge of what you are and how you want to be.

A sculptor, creator, explorer. I am a father of two incredible beings, that teach me so much about living in the here and now. I use Vipassana Meditation. My work and passion is in being of service to others.

Good karma

"Brett motivated and challenged us. He energised us with his ideas, technical expertise and imagery. It is an enabler for new directions in our traditional business."