Is Viewing Animal Abuse Helpful?
With the possibility to view just about anything on the internet, how damaging might this be to our ...

About Marj Marks

My business focus is on bringing insight to an animal's lack of ease, increasing their sense of wellbeing and assisting their soul/s to grow. I work primarily with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and have a practical approach to helping an animal. Animals respond well to this natural form of healing which assists them to manage the very divergent aspects of their lives with humans and to attend to the varying emotions, mental attitudes and associated fears and anxieties which arise as we interact more closely with the animal kingdom. 

My intention is to bring about more harmonious relating with animals and to see them all treated with respect. 

Throughout my life, my desire and intention to bring about a fairer and better deal for the animal kingdom remains constant. My focus is on their improved wellbeing at all levels.

Good karma