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Hello, my name is Liz Weatherly. How exciting that you are looking for positive change for yourself!

Be Inspired is the place where you experience this positive change through learning to love yourself more... and more and more.

As a teacher of the Louise Hay method of personal transformation, at Be Inspired I create a space where you can learn how incredibly wonderful you are. I teach you to love yourself. I help you take charge of your life and discover your own inner wisdom. I show you how to use it to love yourself no matter what circumstances you are going through.  

When I say 'love yourself' I mean a deep appreciation of yourself, an unconditional acceptance of all parts of who you are - the peculiarities, the embarrassments, the things you don't do so well and all your wonderful qualities as well. 

It's no surprise really to realise that we might need to get some guidance about how to love ourselves. When we go looking for change its usually because we feel negatively or unloving towards ourselves in some way. If we knew HOW to love and accept ourselves we would already be doing it.

 At Be Inspired you have two options for your learning:  group or individual. Whichever you choose, you will find the experience real, down-to-earth, surprising, challenging (and playful).

Whether you are just beginning to find yourself, or you've already done a lot of personal growth and discovery work my goal is to enable you to experience the spark, passion, energy and health that is released when you bring self - love into your daily life.   



Teacher and Coach of the renowned Louise Hay method "Heal your Life". Who you go to if you want to ditch the negative self talk and learn how to LOVE who you are. Facilitator for groups and individuals who want to change their thoughts - for good.

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