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About Liz Hart

Liz carefully leads you into an exploration of your situation, gently allowing what is. When you are too caught up in your experience to see what's really going on, you can count on Liz to tease out the essence of the issue with you, drawing out the inner wisdom you might not even know you possess. Following a session with Liz you will leave feeling clearer, more competent and with a deeper sense of knowing about yourself.
You will discover the courage, strength and wisdom that has been hidden behind your pain, gain a deeper insight into the inner workings of your mindbody system, and learn to access your own inherent self-healing ability.

In your initial 90 minute session, you will gain an insight into what may be involved in resolving your situation, and develop a plan to move you forward towards your recovery, learning and development goals.
Initial 90 minute consultations are $160 and one hour follow up sessions are $125.

Don't live Auckland? Just not convenient to come in person to a session? Ask for a housecall... 
We can work over Skype or other teleconferencing link on your phone, tablet or computer. EFT in particular is highly effective this way and saves you time and money. For international clients this an inexpensive options due to favourable exchange rates.

You may benefit from booking a series of sessions to gain the deep insight & shift you are looking for. Through a series of structured sessions you will develop the skills and mindset to go forward more confidently in life, making choices easily that support your deepest desires. This will allow you to go beyond "just getting over it" - it's an opportunity to see yourself and life in an entirely new light, with a host of new possibilities.

​Providing EFT training & related services to the community is my passion. I'm on a mission to bring a holistic toolbox of skills to anyone with a desire to stop being stuck, move out of pain and grow into freedom.

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""I was extremely impressed with Liz's ability to get to the crux of my main problem within minutes, and to successfully go through the steps needed to eliminate it. I unreservedly recommend Liz for all emotional problems." Ann McGlinn, Wanaka"
""Liz is a very skilled and experienced EFT coach and practitioner. As one of Liz's students, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from someone that has the depth of knowledge she has to offer." Helena, Te Aika, Founder & Therapist"