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Christ Consciousness — how to be God

Christ Consciousness is a level given to explain your consciousness . So where are you on that scale?

God Consciousness
God Consciousness – it's an everyday thing – but maybe start with once a year...


An old Indian parable recalls a young disciple who approaches an old and skilled sculptor with a request:

“Master,” he says, “I want to become a famous sculptor. What should I do?”

“Well,” replies the master, “tell me, what kind of a statue would you like to make?”

The young man thinks for a while, and concludes: “More than anything else, I would like to sculpt a beautiful elephant.”

At this, the master places in front of the young man a block of stone and a few tools: “Fine. Here is some marble, a mallet, and a chisel. All you have to do now is carve away everything that does not look like a beautiful elephant.”

Now imagine you would be God. Following the elephant carving principle, you now have a paradigm to focus on. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day — be godly. Form godly thoughts, act as your godly highest self, train your mind to deliver on every experience, every opportunity to radiate God.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Could it be that easy? could being more godly be such a simple step? Do you have the fortitude to question every breath you take and every step you make? Can you apply yourself to this task? second by second, minute by minute, day by day?

With such a reward, surely such a process, bringing about such incredible value into your life is worth the effort?

Christ Consciousness is a label given to explain levels of your consciousness — with Christ (Jesus) being of the highest vibration at = 1000.

So where may you be placed on that scale?

What are you doing now to improve your number?

I know my halo so easily slips, especially if a mochaccino is placed in my table (mostly, I place it there myself of course). So I go about reviewing how to implement more Godly processes and improving my own rating in relation to a Christ Consciousness level.


How I apply Godliness to my every day in 3 steps:

1. The power of positivity

Yesterday I had an experience with a work colleague. Becky had collected various resources before embarking on a new creative video to express joy and love of our lives in the simple things. After watching these I feel considerably positive and joyous. My thoughts thereafter were aligned to this kind of energy. I focussed that towards all beings and made a pact with myself to radiate as brightly as possible for as long as I could.

Here's your positive download for the day – watch them together now, to maximise your joy and vibration:

2. Be kind to yourself

For me, this means limiting my mochaccino intake. But most importantly, seeing how my body constricts and alters with negative thoughts, so I choose to constantly exclude them. In observing my thought processes I see they can easily move from positive to negative, jumping around with the level of caffeine in my system (like any other chemical that alters brain function). Being kind to myself allows me to make mistakes, to fall on my face, without fear that I'm doing the wrong thing. I learn faster that way, and I've fallen flat on my face so many times that my nose is flat. Picking myself up, through positive thinking and being kind to myself, by taking a raw smoothie is a must do step in my process to be more godly.

3. Spread joy and love

As I progress along this life journey, I'm becoming more aware of the value in sharing good karma with all those around me. Becoming less self-indulgent and more compassionate and empathetic has such a powerful exponential effect on the joy and love I experience. Tasting that knowledge I am hungry to devour more with the understanding that I fill up my own cup of joy and love at the same time.

If you find any value in the above steps. Pull them into your own ACTIONS (below) and implement them into your every day, minute by minute.

If you're not already an EnSoul member, register here and start using this amazing resource to fill your own cup up, every day.

With love


A sculptor, creator, explorer. I am a father of two incredible beings, that teach me so much about living in the here and now. I use Vipassana Meditation. My work and passion is in being of service to others.

Good karma

Inspired Actions
Brett Crockett Avatar Power of Positivity (Brett Crockett)
Start your day with a ritual. End your day with the same ritual.
  • A) Spread your gratitude like a blanket over the world. Cover loved ones closest to you with your thoughts for their prosperity and joy in this day B) Fill your cup up by accessing positive content – Maybe online or affirmations or your own diary of positive events in your life that bring you joy with you think or review them.
  • Spread the love A) Consider your thoughts are powerful forces of nature. Send your love and joy out to support others. Make an action to stop every hour and do this for 30 seconds.

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Debbie Gillespie Avatar
Debbie Gillespie
Loved the reminder to start and end the day with ritual. Thanks!
by Debbie Gillespie - 2017-07-05T10:50:45Z

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