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How to do a 3-card Oracle Reading

A simple 3 card oracle card reading for yourself or someone else

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Trusting your intuition and reading the signs 

Oracle cards are a tool to connect to your own inner wisdom. When worked with symbolically they can provide insight into a question or situation beyond the limitations of the logical mind. 

How to do a 3 card reading for yourself or others

Choose a pack of cards you feel drawn to. Sit quietly and centre yourself.

From this space of calm, hold the intention or question or insight you are requesting for either yourself, or another person.
Take a moment to ask for guidance from whichever higher power you choose, and know that the answers that are appropriate for you will come.

Hold your question as you shuffle the cards. When you feel that you have shuffled enough and are ready, take three cards from wherever you are intuitively led. If any cards fall out the deck then use them.

Lay the cards in front of you. Sit quietly and allow their energy to be seen, felt and known.

The idea is to try to tell a story based on them. Read 3 cards together and see how they lead together and connect to one another. Your first instinct will usually be the correct one. Trust that the right answers will come to you.  There is no right or wrong way to ask or read. It is simply a tool to access your own inner knowledge, and wisdom of the universe.

You might like to make a note of your question and the 'answer you have received. Some people find it usual to have a journal to write the details of any readings. 

Sometimes we all need a bit of help on our journey. We're here to provide the tools to help you grow and evolve. Enjoy browsing the site connecting to the wisdom and actions that help you create a life of happiness and conscious living!

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