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Feel strong & stable

A fully functioning base chakra gifts strength, safety and prosperity

Strong, capable and safe

Base Chakra – Muladhara

Red is the colour associated with the base chakra. This chakra is also called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with survival, having strong foundations, the connections and ties to family or tribe and physical stamina and strength.

It is the seat of security and self-preservation, including the right to be here; how we relate to the physical world including wealth and abundance and the ability to take 100% responsibility for our security. The base chakra gifts the foundation from which we live life from, promotes comfort and ease with our bodies and encourages adaptability. This energy centre is also associated with the period of our conception to age 7 years where we learn the laws of our tribe or family, feelings of inclusion, being wanted, feeling safe and having our needs met. It also contains patterns passed down from our families – both our bloodline and soul-line.  


The Sanskrit name for the base chakra - Muladhara means ‘root support’. When this chakra is in balance we feel secure enough to welcome change and intuitively trust and know that our basic needs will be met. We are able to rise above fear and develop a deep trust in our place in the world. We feel safe, grounded and relaxed. We also establish regular routines that support us to live our life fully and joyfully. These regular routines form the foundations we need to function optimally and include regular sleep, meals, exercise and connection to nature.

Organs and Glands

The base chakra is associated with the adrenal glands & kidneys, colon, hips, legs & feet, spine, bones, teeth, blood and immune system.

Signs of Imbalance Imbalance

Worry, worry, worry!
Feeling unsafe
Feelings of abandonment
Financial problems
Out of touch with nature

Signs of Balance

Easy going
Secure enough to welcome change
Attuned with nature
Physically Active
A sense of belonging
Walking lightly upon the Earth
Life-supporting routines

Gift of Strong Foundation

One of the symbols of the base chakra is the tree. When we have a strong and clear functioning base chakra, we have the roots to grow and fully mature. We are adequately nourished at all levels by our own actions rather than expecting someone else to meet our needs. This provides a valuable platform or foundation to do the ‘work’ we are here to do.

We are self-sufficient and self-contained, yet generous and humble. We have moved on from destructive family or societal codes and rules and live courageously and authentically in accordance with those codes and values that support our soul.

May your foundations be strong so you may grow and prosper.

Seeker. Teacher. Healer. Spiritual Alchemist. Passionate about helping us connect back to our hearts at an individual and collective level. Committed to a path of growth, knowing that change comes from within first.

Good karma

Inspired Actions
Debbie Gillespie Avatar Discover strength and true wealth with base chakra (Debbie Gillespie)
Establish strong foundations so you can be comfortable with change, and grow and prosper.
  • Move! Exercise is key to energising, clearing and balancing the base chakra. It gets the blood and lymph moving. Anything that involves your legs is particularly beneficial such as walking, jogging and cycling. Combining the grounding and balancing influence of nature with a walk is a perfect way to support your base chakra.
  • Eat some root vegetables. Root vegetables are particularly good for grounding and strengthening, especially beetroot with its blood enriching support, not to mention its beautiful colour. Try raw beetroot and carrot salad. Grate both into a bowl. Not only do they look great, it tastes delicious!
  • Mookaite Hug. Mookaite is a type of Jasper. It has a soft, gentle and grounding energy providing tender comfort. To me it feels it gives you a hug – one of those firm place-of-safety hugs. Pop a piece into your pocket or on your beside table anytime you are wanting a sense of belonging and support.
  • Connect to Mother Earth. If you are feeling anxious, stand on the ground, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth 3 times. Feel your feet connected to the earth. Feel, see, or get a sense of the energy connecting you to the core of the earth. Feel the strength and comfort that is in that connection. Give thanks for her support and ask what you can do in return. (Remember to do it!)

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