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Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Simple how-to connect to your Spirit Guides

Connecting to you Angels and Guides

We all dream of having clear, crisp communication with our Guide to give us clear precise insight into what’s going on and the best direction for us to take. The reality is mostly vastly different.

A big part of our journey is trusting and this is especially true when it comes to our guides. They are elusive, clever, and funny in the way they communicate with us but often their voice is ignored or blown-off as just being your imagination.

The first step in connecting with your guide is to simply have the intention to do so.

1.      Intention - Put it ‘out there’. Say it out loud if you feel like it, write it down or just hold the thought that you are going to communicate with your guide.

2.      Listen -  in each moment. Your message and communication may not come as a big booming voice. Often it will come as gently as the chirp of a cricket, or a friend saying something that answers an internal question you had just hours before. I saw a beautiful example of Guides at work on a local news program. A man had reached the end of his ability to continue on this Earth. At the bridge and ready to jump to his end, he noticed a piece of paper flapping against his leg in the wind. When he bent down to remove it, he noticed it was a flyer for Lifeline! He recognised the message, called the number and is finally happy and helping many others. That’s how they communicate to us mostly. Sometimes we are blessed with them manifesting in front of us or speaking to us with audible words. They send animals to us as symbols of their message or songs on the radio that mean something to us at the perfect moment. They are constantly interacting with us. So once we have put the intention out to connect with them, listen and watch for those signs. The art of being present in the moment is a valuable tool on this spiritual journey.

3.      Be careful not to judge the information you receive. If you feel strongly that your guide is a well-known figure from history or a ball of light from another planet, that’s ok. Trust it. Trusting it will bring them closer.

4.      Start communicating with them. Let your imagination go. Imagine your guide and see what happens. Write a list of features down, with the intention of seeing your guide, and have a friend read them off one by one. As your friend reads off a feature, you respond with the very first thing that comes to mind. If the question is ‘hair colour?’, your response may be ‘brown’. Work through the list and allow the image of your guide to develop. By the end of the exercise you may have a clear image of them.

Our guides often change appearance over the years depending what it is appropriate for you. They could be a Native American old man, then a Golden Eagle, then a younger woman. We are listening with our heart for the guidance, not necessarily words.

They send us ‘energy parcels’ which then we need to translate into words for our conscious mind to understand, and this does take practice. Sometimes they send us symbols, and we have to learn how to interpret what they mean to us. The symbol of a circle will not mean the same thing to everyone.

5.      Meditation – A great way to connect with your guide is through meditation. Create a ‘meeting place’. Every time you meditate, go to the same place with the intention of meeting up with your guide. Having this meeting place will strengthen your bond and connection. You can set the scene however you like. You may decide to be around a fire out under the stars, on a beautiful sunny beach, on the top of a mountain or in a meeting chamber. You decide. In whatever environment you choose, try to make it as real as possible. Feel the warmth of the fire and the brisk night air, smell the smoke. On the beach, hear the waves and the birds, smell the salty air. Bring it to life as much as you can. Now with the intention of meeting your Guide or Guardian of Light; the one who helps you for your highest Order, imagine the form of someone walking towards you. At first you may not see any features. Let those develop as they get closer. Trust in your heart that it is you guide. Invite them to sit with you and begin your conversation.

Build your relationship with your guide just as you would with anyone you meet. Love, acceptance and unconditionality always.

I have been working with vibrational medicine for the last 20 + years. Following my intuition has led me around the world working to help people people, animals and the land to balance and align with transformational higher frequencies of our Source.

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Once you learn how to meditate or still your mind you can go on many journeys of self discovery and begin to learn to use the meditative space for healing and creating the life situations you desire.
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migrating past the basics with purpose and consciousness, thanks for a great article and action

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