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The boy who asked “Why?”

The creative and emotional importance of being curious.

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He was about four years old with a mop of dark curls and a delightfully round belly popping out of his blue superhero t-shirt. One chubby hand was pulling at his Mum's skirt while the other one rapidly pointed at everything that caught his eye.

I could not hear exactly what he was saying, just the prominent “Why? Why? Why?” that seemed on repeat.

They got my full attention when his Mother swung round at him, pointing her finger in a scolding manner, and saying in a slow loud voice “Now you know “That” word is banned in our household!”

And all I could think of was “Why?”

Yes, it can be annoying to have a child chirp “why?” all day, but what happens when they stop asking?

What happens to those lost moments of investigation? Of human connection? Of our experiences shaping theirs, and ultimately our own questions back to them empowering their reactions?

The world doesn’t make sense and there lies the wonder of nonsense and many a playful story.  

How do we become creative thinkers if we don’t ask those questions?

We need to wonder, this leads to a wandering mind which often starts creative paths. 

Big auspicious and audacious ideas usually start with little seeds of ideas.

To create is to bring an idea to life.

I am honoured to work with many children. I say they ground me and that’s true. Their honest views and laughter always bring me right back down to earth. And their sense of adventure, what ifs? and whys? teach me how to let my ideas fly.

Tune into your inner child.

Curiosity is the key to creativity. Be like "Alice in Wonderland" and ask six impossible things before breakfast.

Often when we identify what we are curious about, it can lead to excitement and increased energy. Sometimes it can open us up to some unplanned adventures. Finding the answers is not important. Learning how to play is crucial.

So maybe we do need to ask 'why?' Just maybe we need to allow our ideas and souls to fly.

A creative story teller, who plays with words and pictures. An international exhibiting artist and tutor for over twenty years. I believe the creative process is crucial to add balance, wellbeing and fun to anyone's life.

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Claire Delaney Avatar Be Curious (Claire Delaney)
Be like "Alice in Wonderland" and ask six impossible things before breakfast. Curiosity is the key to creativity. Finding the answers is not important. Learning how to play is!
  • Tune into your inner child. Write down six things you are curious about.

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