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Is your Tank empty? Time to start a Well...

Exchange your love tank and upgrade your candles for a deep well connected to the universe

Your own well of complete love and abundance

A beautiful soul reminded me recently about this analogy of the personal love tank. I believe the concept stems from Gary Chapmans work and develoment of the 5 Love Languages. To check your tank, you need to assess where you are in relation to a level of love and happiness.


I've also experienced another similar analogy using candles – how many are left or how many have been lite during relationship building or breakdown?

I have a question about these popular, relied upon developmental processes – do they propagate a perpetrator and nurture a victim?

To assess where you stand in relation to your tank level or candle quantity, you need to do a self-check, using your mind and heart, and here lays some initial challenge... How many times can you give yourself a top mark or full level? We're conditioned not to be able to achieve 100% from an early age, so already a full tank or max candles is out of reach. I bet, if you've just done a quick personal assessment, you're sitting between 60-95%. So is this method ever going to give a complete experience or a top mark, or the happiest quotient?

These processes also focus on external inputs. In a relationship, for example, your partner can be adding or subtracting your levels. The inner victim is easily created if the perception is that you're not getting the love language you desire, or your partner is directly affecting your tank. If you've heard 'you're not addressing my love language' or 'you're blowing out candles faster than I can light them', a little questioning and soul-searching may be in order.

I can appreciate the development of processes to check-in on yourself and quickly evaluate where we sit in relation to happiness. It's the level of clarity and maturity it takes to fully assess yourself that I believe is the challenge. One grain of victimisation and 100% is out of reach.

So this beautiful soul got me thinking... exploring individuality for the first time in 22 years – where would you go to be fulling a tank?


How about your very own well?

No one can fuck with your well, it's completely yours, to do with and access whenever you want. Your well is so deep it's directly connected to the universe. You choose whether to swim on the surface or dive deeply to experience hidden realms. No partner or perpetrators here. If you want to be a victim, you have only yourself as the perpetrator. Defile your well and it's one person Karma until you find a way to clear the detritus.

Assume full responsibility for everything that happens in your well, no rocks for the mind to hide behind and create subterfuge, no transgressions by any other source.

Your well is your direct link to the source, the divine, highest vibrational energy... and its chockablock full of abundance and love. No half measures or part payments, no alter ego's, just complete support for you on your journey.

Dive in boots and all, and access 100% happiness.


If you cant find your well or it's misplaced, try an action below or send me a message and we'll go about sorting the opening to your well.

with Metta





A sculptor, creator, explorer. I am a father of two incredible beings, that teach me so much about living in the here and now. I use Vipassana Meditation. My work and passion is in being of service to others.

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Brett Crockett Avatar Accessing your well (Brett Crockett)
As a metaphor for this universal energy that surrounds us, your well can be tapped at any second. access it often to connect more fully to life.
  • Breathe deeply for 3 breaths Use the power of your mind to imagine your very own deep spring Well Feel the bottom of the well connecting out like a tree root - touching all things in the universe Feel that connection as a direct link back to you, a place to draw energy from Feel your ability to feed that root system with your own radiance and bliss – sending it out to nurture all. Live your bliss, minute by minute, day by day

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