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Return of the Social Gardener

Honouring how my ancestors populated their gardens with wonderful colour, scent and beauty and sharing this with you.


It is such an interesting past time to drive the streets and look into the properties that have colour and established trees,  shrubs, perennials and annuals.  Yes I have an agenda here, I am on the hunt!  Ever since I left my parents home I have had the desire to collect seeds, cuttings and sow or plant them on the land where I had made my home.  

I occassionally will buy plants, though I do prefer to step back in time to how my grandfather and grandmother used to garden.  My mothers father worked for a local council as a gardener and he would show me how to prune the roses, collect seed, dig edging, make compost and my fathers mother grew the most amazing flowers for cutting and taking to her church each Sunday.  She would take me around and show me her maiden hair ferns nestled beneath her bedroom window on the south side of the house, nice and moist and sheltered.  I so remember the smells from her garden the pinks and dianthus, the night stocks, the violets.  

The absolute gold my ancestors gave me was to show me how to make cuttings, care for them and how to plant them out.  No need to go and buy plants back then.  There was an amazing network of people who loved plants which they would gladly share around.

When ever my grandmother took me to her sisters or one of her friends homes I would recognise the same flowers, smells and colours.  

In recent times I have realised that a lot of those plants are no longer available.  Over time they have been bred to produce different colours as a primary objective.  What happened to the aromatics.  Faded out like the memories of my nana and her favourite flowers.

I dont call myself an academic or even a skilled gardener, yet I do know how to make cuttings, put seed in the ground and have an uncanny ability to get plants to grow with little else than good will to the plants and the land.

So here I am to share a little here and there as the seasons change.  Perhaps planting a seed for you the reader to have a go.  To create something beautiful in your garden without spending huge amounts on plants that may not survive.

Here’s to you and your budding green thumb.

I like to keep things simple, with my focus on self and transpersonal transformation. In my younger life an engineer and now an alchemist, I bring the masculine and feminine together to create harmony and peace within.

Good karma

Inspired Actions
Andrina Eyles Avatar Check out your neighbourhood (Andrina Eyles)
Get to know the local gardeners, get chatting to them, network and offer to help them so you can learn to garden.
  • Get out and about
  • Look around and check out the what plants are in your local area
  • Meet the gardeners
  • Offer them help so you can learn
  • Enjoy new friendships based around nature

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Debbie Gillespie Avatar
Debbie Gillespie
Thanks Andrina. Your words inspire me to work at a deeper level of connection with the plants and their devas.
by Debbie Gillespie - 2017-02-14T05:12:44Z

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